Personal Finance Tools for the Emerging Middle Class

Control Your Financial Future with InSight!

Track Your Finances

  • No more paper receipts! Record how much you make and spend everyday right on your mobile phone
  • Know exactly where your money is going and how much you’re spending and saving
  • See your records in easy-to-read charts and graphs to help you keep track

Learn and Save

  • Calculate daily profits and losses from your recorded earning and spending amounts
  • Learn basic financial accounting to keep track of your spending and savings and improve your money management skills
  • Receive helpful financial facts and tips to learn responsible ways to manage, save, and spend money

Reach Savings Goals

  • Save for the things you’ve always wanted by setting savings goals with InSight
  • Create customized savings plans to help you reach your goals
  • Develop responsible savings and spending habits with InSight’s daily reminders

Build Your Financial Identity

  • Get access to the credit and services you’ve always wanted
  • Build your digital financial record to help banks, retailers, and creditors learn more about who you are and how you spend your money
  • Create your financial identity and become part of the formal financial economy

What our clients are saying

"InSight makes me aware of how things are going in my business"
- William, Bonobos Fast Food, Johannesburg, South Africa
"I can see where I spend the most and where the money is going, so I can make better decisions"
- Radhika, Snack business owner, Kancheepuram, India
"I have doubled my savings as a result of using InSight and can now afford school fees for my son"
- Carol, Solar product seller, Nairobi, Kenya